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A Consultants Ltd. provide eDirectory software. Based on our AKiosk Technology, we build different kind of eDirectory Software for different purposes. eDirectory replace traditional Directory (Company List) or customer service counter in Shopping Center.

eDirectory saves human resouces, add values to property management and raise service level. Our eDirectory are using in the following areas:

  • Shopping Centers' Wayfinder and Floorplan
  • Office Building Lobbies' Office Directory
  • Libraries' navigation system
  • Government Departments' department directory
  • Hospitals' ward directory and doctor directory
  • Food Courts' restaurant listing and electronic menu
  • Hotels' service directory
  • Fitness Centers' activities and class schedules
  • Exhibition Halls' booth listing and floorplan

Our eDirectory consulting service include the following:

  • Study requirement
  • Based on our AKiosk framework and build interface in according to requirement
  • Give advice on kiosk, hardware and cabling
  • Installation and setup
  • Technical Support and training

Need more information?

Please contact our service hotline at +852 3428 3078 or WhatsApp : +852 51 222 165 or email us at .

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